26 April 2014
Clouds is in Brazilia, Brazil at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting.

23 May 2014
Clouds will be in Providence, USA for the International Association for Antarctica Tour Operators Annual Meeting.

14 Jun. - 14 Aug. 2014
Clouds will be exploring Japan, the Russian Far East and Alaska on the Silver Discoverer.

4 Oct. – 4 Nov. 2014
Clouds will be exploring the Galapagos on the Silver Galapagos.

21 Nov. 2014 - 16 Feb. 2015
Clouds will be exploring the Antarctic.



Where's Clouds?






Here you can learn more about the wonders of the world by following the activities of Claudia “Clouds” Holgate and her Wild Dog puppy, Duncan.

Clouds has qualified for the Olympics, worked for the United Nations, is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, climate change specialist, ornithologist, academic, lecturer and explorer to the most remote places on the planet. In her off time, she saves lives as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic, in the most dangerous parts of Johannesburg.

Duncan represents the 250 wild dogs left in South Africa and wants the world to see them before they become extinct, because by then it is too late.

Clouds loves education, the environment and emergency medicine and tries to improve the lives of the people she comes into contact with and to make the world a better place to live in. Through action, passion and determination, she proves that anyone can reach their goals.

Duncan loves a bit of fresh meat and being social with his pack. (As all good Wild dogs would!)

Why not join Clouds and Duncan on an amazing journey of discovery?



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